Both the acceleration and top speed are top of the line. Be the first to share what you think! Elegy Retro Custom Jintei Livery 1.0. Acceleration. Handling. 0 up votes and 0 down votes. #1. cruste. share. It's smaller, quicker off the line, and has more nimble handling. L’UFC-Que Choisir met à votre disposition un speedtest. Vehicle Statistics. Car; Emergency; Els; 4.79 1.914 9 Skoda Karoq Gendarmerie 2018 [ELS] V1.1. 75.12. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Hey guys thanks for watching make sure to hit that subscribe button if you're new to my channel. Akun anda telah dibuat! PLEASE NOTE: Both vehicles were fully modified. The Nero is a great racecar but it's size is a problem in traffic, acceleration is average, and u won't reach its high top speed very often. Trivia "RH8" may be a reference to the Mazda RX-8. Cheers, Apolared Are there any differences in speed handling etc or is it all cosmetic? Elegy Retro Custom. It has a top speed of 197 mph (317 km/h), decent for a car of its performance. Overall 63.39. Personally I think the Banshee's customisations look better but the Comet is fun. Discussion. Top Speed (Game Files) 97.09 mph (156.25 km/h) Top Speed In-Game (Broughy) 113.25 mph (182.26 km/h) Based on (Real Life) Tesla Model S. Seats 4 Mass / Weight 2,100 KG Drive Train AWD Gears 1. Upon its release, the Schlagen GT was the only vehicle since the San Andreas Super Sport Series update to not present any advanced handling flags. 84.24 . 988. The engine is, unusually, mounted transversely, even though the car is RWD. Elegy, chanson d' Intronaut présente sur l'album Valley of Smoke (en) sorti le 12 octobre 2010. Today on GTA 5 online we take a look at the Top 5 paint jobs for the Elegy Retro Custom! 0 comments. Overall 64.37. I don't know what you guys mean by slow, I've gotten up to 130-140 in my Elegy Retro in the city. Seats 2 Mass / Weight 1,725 KG Drive Train RWD Gears 6. Need For Speed Pro Street; Showroom; Elegy Retro Custom (Nissan Skyline R32) Votes. Elegy, un épisode de la quatrième saison de la série télévisée Les Incorruptibles. Please review the updated policy before continuing: All Versions. if you do enjoy this video dont forget to live a like and sub to my channel if your new thanks for watching report. For the launch we both used the boost. Watch GTA Online: Import/Export DLC - BEST CUSTOMIZATION FOR THE NEW CARS (Elegy Retro, Tempesta & More) - watersroto on Dailymotion And does he hate the Retro Custom as well? Posted by. Elegy RH8 VS. Elegy Retro Custom Which ones are better in terms of speed, a free Elegy or an upgraded one that looks like a Nissan Skyline (BNR32) for $904,000? So the only reason to get it (besides duping) is if you just really, really like the way it looks. Catch up and Slipstream were OFF. 32 comments. 10 окт. 78.75. DRFTGASM. Top Speed (Game Files) 86.99 mph (140.00 km/h) Top Speed In-Game (Broughy) 115.50 mph (185.88 km/h) Based on (Real Life) Cadillac Escala Concept, Audi TT Mk3. Discussion. The Comet Retro Custom is not very suitable for competitive racing due to its lacking performance; however it is still generally decent in the Sports class. If you're worried about the price, maybe wait a week or 2 and see if there's a discount on benny's upgrades. Traction and handling feels great to me, not quite as tight as the old Elegy, which is a good thing. In game stats show it as lower top speed but higher braking. no comments yet . Elegy is AWD and the Massacro is RWD, so the Elegy tends to push a bit more in the corners. The vehicle also sports a 5-speed gearbox. Posted by 5 days ago. share. It does lack top speed but it's one of the best handling sports cars. The Annis Elegy RH8is a sports car featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. I've got both the Elegy Retro and Massacro Racecar...I drive both on a regular basis as 2 of my 4-5 daily drivers. 68.18. Handling. How does the Elegy Retro compare to the Elegy? Vehicle Statistics. 862. Do you love the Elegy Retro Custom? Overall 68.48. Performance Grand Theft Auto Online. Sebuah pesan dengan tautan konfirmasi telah dikirim ke alamat email anda. 77.58. Cinéma. report. We've updated our Privacy Policy to better explain how we may use collected account information. Elegy Retro Custom Speed Glitch (Without Popping Tyres) Glitch. Télévision. The Elegy appears to have a fuel-injected, naturally aspirated inline engine, like its real life counterpart which uses a 6-cylinder inline engine, albeit turbocharged. Woozie. RageMojo. Close. However if you ask me the Retro handles better. So far, on a medium size circuit style track, the retro Elegy is just barely one second slower than the old Elegy in terms of lap times. Pareil pour la Pfeister Comet rétro custom? hide. Elegy, titre original de l'épisode Amour fou (1997) de la série X-Files. Locations. 65.15. Ready for Halloween. Harap ikuti tautan tersebut untuk mengaktifkan akun anda. How does the Elegy Retro compare to the Elegy? Elegy - Musique & Culture Underground : Magazine de référence de la musique et de la culture underground (Gothique, Dark Wave, Electro, 80s, Punk, Fetish, Batcave, Indus) save. RageMojo. Braking. Braking. Banshee 900R has the highest top speed of all cars but has terrible traction for its speed, hopeless in stunt tubes for instance. I never was a big fan of the Elegy, but I drove Hidden Darkness Retro and I quite liked that car. Vehicle Statistics. Oct 10, 2017 @ 8:47am The retro version is much, much slower. 2017 в 8:47 The retro version is much, much slower. Step one: Stance the Elegy until it drops twice, it takes 4 heavy sniper mk2 shots per wheel. 43.33. The Elegy Retro Custom is actually a little slower than the regular Elegy. 100% Upvoted. Archived. The elegy is the better car for free roam. Bonjour communauté de GTA Ayant repris le jeu depuis peu... Je me demandais comment obtenir l'Annis Elegy rétro custom? The acceleration is delayed due to wheelspin off the line, while the top speed is not outstanding. 988. I'm a fan of the old Nissan Skyline GT-Rs from the 90s though, so I got it myself. < > Showing 1-15 of 18 comments . The Comet Retro handles really nicely drives very smoothly but lacks some speed and race style traction. Which ones are better in terms of speed, a free Elegy or an upgraded one that looks like a Nissan Skyline (BNR32) for $904,000? But to me they both handle really well. On the one hand, it's a pinnacle of British car design: conservative, luxuriant, anally retentive. Elegy = Free. Top Speed In-Game (Broughy) 121.50 mph (195.53 km/h) Based on (Real Life) Jaguar F-Type. View Entire Discussion (0 Comments) More posts from the gtavcustoms community. save. Otherwise stick to the normal Elegy and save your cash. By DinozzoModding. Handling. Elegy RH8 VS. Elegy Retro Custom Which ones are better in terms of speed, a free Elegy or an upgraded one that looks like a Nissan Skyline (BNR32) for $904,000? 2. #1. cruste. hide. < > Показване на 1-15 от 18 коментара . Acceleration. Go check out some other videos of mine. Acceleration. Hello people, I have a question for you all: Why does Broughy hate the Elegy ? 1.0 (current) 375 tải về , 100 KB 11 Tháng chín, 2017. Sort by. Photoshop. Ce test de débit gratuit permet, d’un simple clic, de connaître le débit descendant, le débit montant (bande… The Elegy RH8 is available free of charge to members of the Rockstar Games Social Club, either from "Special Vehicles" list in the player's garage in Story Mode, or from in Grand Theft Auto Online. Benny upgrade to Elegy Retro = 8-900k (in that range) Elegy Retro is the second aster car in Sports class slightly behind the regular Elegy. ELS. Speed. 33.33. Elegy Retro Custom Lynx; Top Speed (Game Files) 91.96 mph (148.00 km/h) 97.56 mph (157.00 km/h) Top Speed - Real (Broughy) 115.25 mph (185.48 km/h) 121.50 mph (195.53 km/h) Mass / Weight: 1,450 kg (3,197 lbs) KG: 1,725 kg (3,803 lbs) KG: Drivetrain: AWD: RWD: Gears: 5: 6: Release Information: Release Date: December 13, 2016: July 19, 2016 : Title Update: 1.37 Import/Export: 1.35 Cunning … More mods in vehicles category: Car; 5.0 2.205 14 Chevrolet Blazer 2008 Força Tatica PMESP. 3 years ago. 26.67. Download Share. Top 100 Twitch Disortir berdasarkan Pengikut ; Top 100 Twitch Cari menurut NoxScore ; Top 250 Twitch Disortir berdasarkan Pengikut ; Jenis populer Twitch. Fortnite ; League of Legends ; Minecraft ; Just Chatting ; Alat YouTube. The regular elegy is a beast but it's not nearly as easy or smooth to drive as the retro custom. Added March 16, 2020, 10:20 p.m. Views 402 total views last update June 5, 2020, 9:11 a.m. Elegy Retro Custom (Nissan Skyline R32) Information; Photos (5) Author Brand60 more rides by Brand60. Top 250 TikTok Disortir berdasarkan Pengikut ; Peringkat Twitch. Braking. I have both. Game Need For Speed Pro Street more from this game. 83.84. u/AnonymousSixSixSix. In your line of work, you demand flexibility. Seats 4 Mass / Weight 2,600 KG Drive Train AWD Gears 6. 87.50. Where as the Massacro hugs the corners more. Speed. Requirements: Elegy Retro Custom (WITHOUT BULLETPROOF TYRES), you don’t need to pop them but you do need to stance the car. 10 окт. best. As a result, the handling is very stable and because of its V8 engine, it can prove to be a competitor against other sports cars such as the Elegy RH8, Elegy Retro Custom and the Jester. The Raiden is a masterpiece of understatement. Speed. 61.25. By RogerioModsBR.

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