Section 4. The Philippine Constitution CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS PREAMBLE. Section 1 Article IV of the Constitution . LUNA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHERS’CLUB . Section 5. Citizens of the Philippines who marry aliens shall retain their citizenship, unless by their act or omission they are deemed, under the law, to have renounced it. 83, s of 2010, or the “Revised Guidelines Governing Parents-Teachers Associations (PTAs) at the School Level. All office bearers and members of the Executive Committee with the exemption of the Head teacher shall hold office for a period of two (2) years and will resign automatically at the general meeting closest to the second anniversary date of their election. Legal Bases of Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) The Department of Education (DepEd) through its subordinate rule-making power issued DepEd Order No. Parents Teachers Association is the voice of parents in the school for all the common grievances, it gives an opportunity to parents and management of the school to sit across the table to find amicable solutions to any problems concerning the wellbeing of children and school environment. We, the pedagogues of Luna Elementary School, for the purpose of supporting one another in practicing the best instructions, upgrading professional growth, being globally competitive, being agents of moral resurgence, being the institution of truth, justice and knowledge do hereby enact and promulgate this by-laws … Philippine citizenship may be lost or reacquired in the manner provided by law. 3. Note: This Constitution and By-Laws has been amended and approved by the Executive Board during the Regular Meeting dated November 6, 2015 pursuant to Article VI of the Constitution and Article X of the By-Laws: 1. Revised Guidelines Governing Parent Teachers Associations PTA at the School Level DepED Order 54 s 2009 I General Policy 1. Teachers who are actually teaching in the school shall be automatically become bonafide members of the club. The Head teacher of the School shall serve as Secretary of the Association. Section 3. All PTA Members shall be voting members except where noted differently in the constitution. I. Outline. 7.4. Section 2. Section 7 Article IV of the Constitution. 2. Members of the Association shall pay dues of 4,000 yen per family. 54 s of 2009 as amended by DepEd Order No. SECTION 3. SECTION 5. V1.0 Constitution and Rules as produced by Anthony Harper Lawyers 2008 V1.1 AGM Approved Amendment 3/03/14: Section 9.4 remove ‘audit’ and replace with ’independent financial review’ 2 CHRISTCHURCH GIRLS’ HIGH SCHOOL PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION Inc Constitution and Rules 1. … A membership fee of 100.00 shall be charged each member at the start of the school year or upon appointment as in the case of new teachers. ARTICLE IV. 7.4.1. SECTION 4. 1.1 Aims and Functions of a Parent-Teacher Association 5 ... 1.4 Types of Registration for Parent-Teacher Associations 8-12 1.5 Constitution 12 1.6 The First General Meeting of Parents 13 1.7 Points to Note during Elections and Voting 13 ... (Parents) (Teachers)* 1 (senior form) 1 (junior form) Civil Service Commission, Constitution Hills, Batasang Pambansa Complex Diliman 1126 Quezon City, Philippines [ Get direction ] CSC Trunklines : 8931-8092 / 8931-7939 / 8931-7935 Examination : This email address is being protected from spambots. The very idea of a general assembly organized by the PTA in every school is very important because it serves as a free avenue and platform for discussion for teachers and parents. All parents and/or guardians of the students of Canadian Academy, and all members of the administration and faculty of Canadian Academy shall be members of the PTA.

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